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Business Analytics Services

Data WareHousing and Data Lakes

Most of the organizations are filled with different types of databases, applications, systems, social media feeds. And also different data formats like free form text, images, videos. Making sense of data from these different sources and data formats can be challenge. Xpertech's data architects work with clients to create a complete data architecture to deliver tangible business results

  • Architecture, design and modeling
  • Physical modeling and implementation
  • Meta data management
  • ETL services


An important aspect of analytics solution is intuitive, simple to use interface that can used by the end users with minimal training. Xpertech specializes in building interactive, simple to use analytics dashboards and visual interfaces that hides the underlying complexity.

  • Implement interactive business intelligence dashboards and visual analytics.
  • Experts in Tableau, Power BI, Cognos and Oracle Business Intelligence(OBIEE).

Machine Learning

Competitive edge in the data driven economy comes from machine learning systems that can learn without being programmed.
Xpertech's machine learning experts work with clients to model, build and deploy custom machine learning solutions based on predictive analytics, deep learning.

  • Problem exploration, experimentation, strategy
  • Data collection and model development
  • Full stack application development.

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