Client Work

UCSD Health

Xpertech has partnered with UC San Diego Health to build out University of California's first real HIPAA compliant AWS environment for research. Using AWS cloud framefork and HHS best practises guidelines, we have helped build an environment where researchers can run different types of workloads on PHI data with flexibility, speed and ability to scale in a protected environment.
The AWS environment extends UCSD Health network using VPN tunnels using next generation firewall VM's. The environment is NIST-800 (53) HIPAA compliant with CIS Level 1 controls applied at the AWS account level, EC2 resources and RDS databases. Researchers in the environment currently use various AWS resources are services including EC2, RDS, ECS, Sagemaker, dynamodb, SNS, SQS, S3, Athena, Quicksight and VPN


Build HIPAA compliant GCP environment at Google client UC San Diego Health and build analytics pipeline.

UCSF Health

One of the leading Health care providers in the world and serving Southern California. A premier educational and research institution.

From our success at UCSD Health, we were invited to kick start the UCSF Greenfield AWS HIPAA environment project. Xpertech successfully implemented base AWS compliance and network security in an extremely aggressive schedule.

Altman Clinical and Translational Institute

Xpertech helped build the infrastructure for secured HIPAA compliant virtual desktops using AWS workspaces. These hardened VDI's help ensure optimal use of PHI and protected data analysis. Additionally pipelines have been built along with Ambra to allow transfer of radiology data between pacs. Resources used include EC2, RDS, workspaces and VPN

Department of biomedical informatics, UCSD

Providing devOps flexibility to researchers to maintain and grow elastically their infrastructure as required, while maintaining control of the overall HIPAA security controls. We helped build out secured hardened AMI's for genomics pipelines using bcbio to perform analysis on over 50TB of genomics data stored in secured S3 buckets. Additionally researchers perform health care related privacy preserving learning model  on a block chain network. Resources used include EC2, RDS, sagemaker, snowball,  SNS, SQS, S3, Athena, ASG, ELB  and VPN

Math Diagnostic and Testing Program, UCSD

Built out the security and scalable infrastructure for high school math testing environment for all CA students statewide. The environment was built using a load balanced auto scaling architecture which enables the resources to expand and contract per student testing load. Resources used EC2, RDS, ELB, ASG.

UCSD Research IT

Xperetch Partners with UCSD Research IT for supporting many different researcher requirements.

UCSD Health Sciences Rancho Bernardo Study

The RBS is longest running study on aging population in the world. Xpertech partnered with UCSD Heath sciences to design a datamart and migrate the data to a MYSQL RDS in AWS. We helped build analytics on the data using tableau. The dashboards have been made publicly available.


Providing an infrastructure for sentiment analysis of social media posts using natural language processing. Built using AWS services EC2, lambda, comprehend and S3

Wake County Public School System

One of the largest and finest public school systems in the US. It has over 150,000 enrolled students and over 20,000 employees. We have been partners to WCPSS for the last 10 years providing complete database administration and Oracle E-Business Suite support.

Consists of Oracle EBS running Financials and HR/Payroll for 20,000+ employees. Powerschool student applications/database for over 150,000 students. Support for very large Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases. Data warehousing and data analytics support.


Oracle E-Business upgrade from 12.1 to 12.2


Outsourced DBA support for Velos health system Oracle database.


Outsourced DBA support for Oracle environments.


Oracle support partner providing support to clients like Epic Health and NAMM

Electronic Arts, CA

Oracle applications 10.7 to 11i upgrade and migration from HP to Linux RAC. This was one of the world’s first oracle 11i migration to Linux RAC


Oracle Application upgrade from 10.7NC to 11i

HB Fuller, MN

Installation, configuration, and maintenance of oracle apps 11.5.7 for global, multi-language HRMS/Payroll and manager self-service modules.

Expresspoint, MN

Multi-phase implementation of 11i. Modules implemented were GL, AR, AP, PO, INV and ONT.

Major US Airport

Provide design, modelling and implementation support for enterprise data warehouse

UCSD Health Sciences

Implement data warehouse and analytics using tableau on Rancho Bernardo Aging Study, the longest running aging study in the US.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services(CMS), is a federal agency that administers the medicare program and works in partnership with state governments to administer medicaid, the children's health insurance program and health insurance portability standards.

We have designed, developed and run predictive analytical systems on all Medicaid claims data for fraud detection. This was a 40TB Oracle data warehouse with stratified subject area wise data marts built on "providers", "drugs", "at home care". Many high profile fraud cases where discovered and verified using the system. Oracle Siebel and OBIEE were used for analytics

Claria Corp

Claria (formerly Gator) was the pioneer company in web based advertising and were the first major successful company in pop up ads. Their technology lives on in every major website now for prediction based advertisement in the web

During that time, Claria had the largest Oracle database in the world. We maintained a 60TB data warehouse with 5TB data getting archived and dropped every month. We helped build some of the fastest analytical systems and querying that helped instantaneous web ads.