Making cloud security and data analytics accessible

Xpertech Solutions ( is a technology company specializing in cloud security and data analytics. Through our extensive experience delivering solutions at many organizations, we have developed proven and repeatable frameworks using delivery methods consisting of automation and well-defined processes for delivering well architected secured and highly available cloud environments and data analytics platforms.

Our company is composed of senior consultants who have worked with a wide array of organizations such as major healthcare systems, airports, manufacturing companies, university/K-12 systems, as well as start-ups in order to assist them in achieving their cloud security and data analytics goals. Some of Xpertech’s more notable projects include the construction and maintenance of cloud infrastructure for the California State Covid Notification program, building machine learning pipelines in the cloud for the Center of Health Innovation, the construction of a data analytics platform for a major airport, and the maintenance of the entire database and ERP systems for one of the largest K-12 school systems in the United States.

Why US

Xpertech’s partners choose us because of our dedication to making cloud security and data analytics accessible to any kind of organization. Xpertech strives to do more than just deliver secure cloud environments or data analytics platforms; we offer a solution which minimizes total cost of ownership, eliminates opacity and ultimately provides complete peace of mind. 


Be Assured With Experienced Certified Professionals in Cloud Security & Analytics

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  • Oracle Database Administration

  • E-Business Suite Professional

  • Application Server Associate

  • Application Server Associate

  • Java Developer Associate

Meet the Team

Jit Bhattacharya

Founder & President

Jit Bhattacharya is founder and president of Xpertech. Jit is a leader and technical expert in the areas of Cybersecurity, Cloud solutions, Data Warehousing & Data Analytics, and Oracle E-Business solutions. Jit spend his early career at Oracle, as advisory specialist for E-Business and database products During this time Jit saw an opportunity to use his business/technical skills and experience he had gained over many years to help business, startups and educational institutions Following his dream, he started Xpertech in 1997 with a mission of providing high quality database solutions to grow business Under his leadership, Xpertech expanded to many emerging areas like machine learning, analytics, cloud solutions, cloud security and also grew in size with 7 employees and sub-contractors. Jit is very much involved in all aspects of Xpertech business and continues to be the driving force Jit has MS in Computer Science from Minnesota State University and BS in Electrical Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, India. Jit lives in sunny San Diego with his family enjoying the beach, sunshine and perfect weather. He is a certified instructor in Aikido and Daito Ryu Jiu-jitsu from Japan and continues to practice and teach during his free time.

Santosh Poddutoori

Oracle Practice manager

Santosh Podutoori is the Oracle Practice manager at Xpertech, Santosh has over 15 years of extensive experience and leads our Oracle E-Business and DBA practice He has deep understanding of the internals of Oracle technology and deeply involved in critical processes like tuning, backup/recovery, installations/upgrades and administration of all Oracle technology stack. His out of the box thinking has helped build our database and EBS operational frameworks. He has been integral to building our exceptional customer relationships and quality of service. Santosh has a MS in Chemistry and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science. He has multiple certifications in Oracle technologies.

Arvin Bhattacharya

Technical lead

Arvin Bhattacharya is the technical lead at Xpertech. He is key to building our cloud automation tools which are the foundation for xperLock. He has supported multiple major customers like San Diego Airport and UCSD Center of Health Innovation in building large data analytics platforms in AWS along with integration to various types of data sources – databases, structured and unstructred data, FHIR and image files. Arvin has a BS in Mathematics/Computer Science from UC San Diego and has professional certifications as ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), AWS DevOps Engineer Professional, AWS Solutions Architect Associate, Google Cloud Architect Professional, Oracle Java and has multiple The Data Warehouse Institure (TDWI) certificates

Aman Singh

Application & API Developer Lead

Aman Singh is the application & API developer at Xpertech. Aman has over 8 years of experience developing mobile and web applications for startups and corporates. Aman has developed various MVPs and business applications with end to end delivery from conceptualization, developing, cloud deployment to acquiring initial users. He has strong technical coding skills with PHP, WordPress, SQL, Angular, React & Python. He has worked with frameworks like Codeigniter, Django & Ionic. Aman has Masters in Computer Application & certified AWS Solution Architect Associate.



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