UCSD Health

  • Xpertech helped UC San Diego Health setup a HIPAA compliant AWS environment. The build included network security with the use of marketplace Palo Alto firewalls and VPN tunnels that connect to the on presmise network and connect various workloads in different AWS accounts. We helped setup a number of different workloads that include variety of services like EC2, Auto Scaling Groups, RDS, EFS, S3, AWS workspaces, and AWS SSO. We secured the environment following AWS best practices using the methodologies defined in AWSs 6 pillars of well architected framework. Many of the builds were automated using terraform IaC


  • Xpertech helped build the AWS environment for migrating the radiology image capture system in AWS. Services included VPC, EC2, RDS, S3, transit gateways and direct connect. This is a highly secure environment and strict security protcols were maintained using IAM policies and roles, security groups and transit gateway routings. Networking security was built with marketplace Palo Alto Firewalls in load balanced configuration using AWS Gateway load balancer.


  • Xpertech helped UCSD Health set up the state of California covid notification program AWS infrastructure to host canotify.ca.gov. The infrastructure was built to be able to handle very high traffic, upto 3 million hits/day. We used a combination of auto scaling groups with state hosted akamai CDN to create a very high resilient and scaleable infrastructure. Furthermore, we developed a CI/CD pipeline using AWS codepipeline, codedeploy, and codecommit for blue/green deployments, which allowed for zero sowntime automated code deployment to the website


  • Xpertech has helped build many automation pipelines and application deployments for multiple groups/projects. These include
    • deployment of the “back to school” covid application using EC2 ASG’s, NLB and ALB
    • covid chest xray AI pipeline infrastructure to read chest xrays from the PAC systems and run them through an AI model that was developed by UCSD Health that produces an overlay image. Xpertech’s role was in building the automation pipeline using AWS transfer, S3, porting the application to dcker containers and deploying on ECS


  • Xpertech is working on a large scale data lake and machine learning environment using sagemaker. We have built a secured enviroment using VPC, private links and lambda functions to privately access sagemaker studio from workspaces. The datawarehouse architecture has been built on S3 and data is ETL into the datalake using glue from many sources including the EMR and external sources.